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CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators from CRANE® are cast in Europe and assembled in the UK with a 100 Year Guarantee.

About CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators

CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators were first sold in Europe in 1906 and have since developed a reputation manufacturing nothing but the highest quality products. We have never compromised in quality by moving manufacturing processes to the Far East, our rigorous testing and market leading guarantee ensure CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators are used where only the best will do.

We are the only manufacturer of Cast Iron Radiators to cast and assemble all our cast iron radiators in Europe where we retain total control the quality. We never use Asian foundries and pressure test every cast iron radiator.

Our focus on the highest quality is why we are trusted by the trade and allows us to give a 100 year guarantee on our castings - by far the longest and surest guarantee on any cast iron radiator in Europe.

CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators are cast in Europe, assembled in Great Britain and available from retailers all over the world.

CRANE® Radiators set the standard for quality in manufacturing cast iron radiators. Our foundry is fully ISO9001 compliant ensuring the key manufacturing processes deliver the highest possible standards. Our quality control process includes:

  • Lateral and tensile tolerance control
  • Spectroscopic Chemical monitoring of every casting
  • Microstructure analysis of each and every casting
  • 20 year archive of Casting Samples
  • Patented gasket material tested to 100 degrees
  • Castings are pressure tested to conform to BS EN442-1 & BS EN444-2
  • Paint and coatings meet the requirements of BS EN 71 part 3 and we strive to minimise VOC in all suppliers
  • Carbon neutral certification from a national charity engaged in carbon removal.
  • Manufacturing processes aims to use recycled products where quality is not compromised
All CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators are subject to 28 individual tests. More details of these tests are described on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

CRANE® Radiators UK Ltd do not sell from our British Factory or our Company Headquaters. Buying Cast Iron Radiators is a significant investment and requires professional qualified advice to ensure a professional installation. Professional installers and retailers will be able to advice you on the heat requirement of your property, the appropriate CRANE® Cast Iron Radiator, locating your CRANE® Cast Iron Radiator and handling your CRANE® Casts Iron Radiators so that they give you generations of heating.

CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators are available through a growing international network of trusted, knowledgeable and reliable market professionals. CRANE® Radiators are cast and assembled in Europe, but they are exported all over the world. If you can not find a stockist on our stockist page, email us on and we will direct you to a local professional.

Visit our Stockists page to find your local showroom who can give you the professional advice required when buying CRANE cast iron radiators.

CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators in Situ

  • CRANE Rococo Radiator in Situ
  • CRANE Radiator in Situ
  • CRANE 6 Column in Situ
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