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CRANE® Cast Iron Radiator Colours and Finishes

CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators can be assembled to your exact size requirements and are delivered as standard in Primer.

CRANE® Radiators look at their best when polished. We have two types of polish - satin polish or hand polished finish. We have a patent pending lacquering process which we recommend for every polished cast iron radiator. This process will ensure that your polished CRANE Cast Iron Radiators will look like they have just been polished for years to come.

Alternatively, we can paint your CRANEŽ Cast Iron Radiators in any RAL Colour, Sanderson paint or Farrow and Ball paint. We also have a small selection of our own popular stock colours that have been in use for generations.

Paint CRANE Cast Iron Radiators

Hand Polished

  • Hand Polished to a near mirror finish, it is essential to lacquer these radiators to retain the gleaming shine.

Satin Polished

  • CRANE® Radiators polished to a stylish brushed or satin finish diffusing the light beautifully.

Anthracite Grey

  • RAL7016: A beautiful architectural grey: strong, timeless, bold, deep, philosophical and warm.
    • Anthracite Grey

Bright White

  • RAL 9010: A traditional elegant period white: historic, neutral, iconic, stylish and popular, that reaches out and grabs you.
    • Bright White

Edwardian Cream

  • RAL9001 : The popular historic creamy buttermilk: individualistic, questioning, complimentary, Edwardian and rural.
    • Colours

Graphite Black

  • RAL 9011: A timeless subtle black increasingly popular over the last 100 years on CRANE Cast Iron Radiators.
    • Colours Graphite Black

Hammered Bronze

  • A traditional rich bronze with metallic inclusions: iconic, luxurious, sumptuous and glowing.
    • Hammered Bronze

Victorian Foundry Grey

  • With metallic inclusions Foundry grey has depth and sullenness that has meant it has always been popular on Cast Iron Radiators.
    • Victorian Foundry Grey